Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I like hijacking other people's words and using them to start hares running. On my own blog, I've used this word 'negativist' (much loved of Will of DSTPFW, from whom it came). And a while ago, we had 'bloggertarian.'

That was a laugh that was.

My favourite word at the moment is 'memebot.' I saw it a few weeks ago in the comments here, ...or more precisely, here:
"For examples, see just about every other article by Seumas Milne. The imperviousness to evidence and reason is quite remarkable. He’s not so much a thinker as trafficker in assertion; a memebot, if you will."
Seumas Milne is, indeed, a memebot. As is Simon Tidsall (dealt with nicely by Norm here).

These are both examples of journalists that offend my Eustonian prejudices, of course - I'm sure that you can find a few membots that exhibit them as well. Be my guest.

Other examples are, of course, or friends the bloggertarians. Raise a question - any question - and the answer is always 'sack public employees' / 'school vouchers' / 'government can't work' etc. The thick shitheads.

A one line assertion is always sufficient for memebots. It's getting so that you can't write a post anywhere without a few of them popping up to annoy you. It must stop.

The reason that I'm writing about it here is because I think it may be a useful shorthand comments policy for any bloggers who like getting half-decent arguments back in their comment threads.

In future, I may just delete commenters on the grounds that they are memebots. A one word explanation. Take my advice, for once in your life? Delete your memebots too. Life's too short to do anything else.

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The Plump said...

My favourite moment about school vouchers was a dire conference I was at where the keynote speaker advocated vouchers. They then tried to distribute vouchers so that we could claim our free lunch. It was a total cock up, only half the people got them and then when we got to the cafeteria no-one recognised them and we got no food. It seemed like an appropriate metaphor to me.