Sunday, May 04, 2008

The end of an error

A picture speaks a thousand words, so I'm nicking this one from Dom at Mist Rolling In From The Trent - I hope there's no objection?

The hangover is slowly retreating now, after an evening drinking within earshot of the mighty Splitters. I've nothing to add to TTSBU's very good account (or NFFC's) of yesterday's stresses - and the triumph against the odds - except to say that this is really the end of a three year nightmare.

Just before Forest were relegated into League One, I met a few QPR fans - and they really weren't gloating when they told me (paraphrasing):
You think relegation is bad, but you've no idea just how bad it is. Imagine how terrible it is to watch a big club having to play in the third division, times it by ten, and you're still not there.
I soon found out that they were right. You have to play in cup competitions you've never heard of. The newspapers ignore you. You have to play fucking Weymouth in the first round of the FA Cup. You have to play Yeovil in the League. All of these little clubs can't wait to get stuck into you. You have to be beaten comprehensively by Yeovil in the League. You find out something that you didn't know: The town of Cheltenham has a professional team - and you find this out because you see that they are your fixture for the coming Saturday.

Yesterday, Yeovil and Cheltenham were central to the day that has brought this vile interval a close.

Today, three other clubs that really can't imagine life at the third level may have to find out what we have: Leicester, Coventry and Southampton could all go down today.

I say this with no gloating or nastiness. If they go down, they will deserve all of the pity you can muster. The poor sods.

Update: Cancel that. Leicester have gone down. East Midlands rivalry trumps pity.

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Dom said...

No objection to the use of the photo - what a truly sweet weekend that was - you're so right East Midlands rivalry does trump Pity!.