Monday, May 12, 2008

The big C

I'm not sure what point Alex Singleton is trying to make here, but he poses an important question.

Is David Cameron a decentraliser?

He may say he is, but the fact remains that it would be political suicide if he were to start thinking out loud about his bottom-up (*snigger*) approach in any detail.

The Tories may be enjoying their moment in the pollsters' sun. But they are going to struggle to offer any alternative to the current government unless they can move some of the big pieces off the chessboard. And this is his problem.

Leaving those pieces where they were was the historic compromise that New Labour made Tory hegemony in order to do what it thought it needed to do to win the election in 1997.

Me and Peter think that they could have moved a few of those pieces, by the way. But that's a different matter, innit? Many of Labour's problems were caused by their Conservatism (note the big C).

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