Monday, May 12, 2008

Above board

You know where you are with Guido.

I've still got (somewhere) an old badge that was given to me by a Nottingham anarchist in the early 1980s. It had the same message as the image on here (from here).

And apropos of this - fawkes / honesty, here's a think-piece by Guido. I've said this before, but Guido offers an honest above-board version of what most bloggertarians are thinking (but not saying).

It's a fairly good rendition of a profoundly anti-democratic ideology. Discussion isn't about promoting rationality. It's about being in what Adrian Monck calls "the business of distraction."

This is bloggertarianism folks. See it for what it is. It's not something to worry about very much though, I wouldn't have thought...


Mark said...

Isn't Guido due to be sentenced on Thursday? Will anyone be liveblogging it?

Paulie said...

Sentenced? Tell more?

(I expect I should just be keeping up, but I missed this one)

mark said...

For instnace:


I like your link to Guido's article about "disintermediation". The MSM's rather desperate sneering at bloggers is a sign of the latter's success. Look at Private Eye's spoof blogger column - and to think that PE was the paper-based cheeky blog of its time.