Wednesday, April 23, 2008


In the comments here, Planeshift says....
"I wish Brown would stop trying to make himself media friendly and stop listening to the spin doctors. The guy is never going to come accross as one of the lads, or the life and soul of the party and the spin machine should stop trying to portray has somebody else.

He should just forget about publicity stunts and be the quiet introverted "intellectual" he seems to really be. In fact he should just stick 2 fingers up at the media (literally actually, he should go on the TV and say that the press can go fuck themsleves), accept that the media has already decided King David should be crowned the winner of the next election.

He should spend his remaining time in office carrying out as much of the constitutional reform he probably secretly knows is necessary as it is possible for him to do so in 18 months."
My id agrees with all of that apart from the certainty of Labour's defeat.

And in the Guardian today, John Harris - in an uncharacteristically 'not-bad' article says...
"...stepping back from received opinion, perhaps the public hasn't come to quite the swingeing conclusion on the Brown government that so much of the commentariat would like to believe."
Meanwhile, if you want to lay against the Tories, have a gander at Political Betting. I'm of the slightly unformed opinion that the bookies are more worth listening to on how the next election will go than the pollsters.

According to these figures, here are the probable outcomes of the next election:
43.7% - Tory win
29.9% - No overall majority
26.5% - Labour win
On balance, I'm glad I'm not going to be a Tory on the evening of the next election.

However, much less pleasant reading can be had looking at the League One promotion odds. Swansea are up already. There is one other guaranteed promotion spot up for grabs, and then one promotion slot for the winners of the play-offs.

Forest are three points off the guaranteed slot with two games to go (though the recent formbook is on our side). Betfair are offering about 13/8 on us. But Leeds may have the 15 points that were quite rightly docked at the start of the season given back to them.

The fuckers.

The White Shite.

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Steve said...

Here's my prediction.

Doncaster and Carlisle will both lose. Forest will be drawing with Yeovil and the fans will be getting excited about going up on goal difference. Then, in the last minute, Forest will score an own goal.

OK, so I'm cynical but my cynicism is based on more than thirty years as a Forest supporter.