Friday, April 04, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Frenchy (again)

The government are going to try to use social networking sites to engage with the public.

I hope it works. I hope it isn't another Lt Hauk moment.

Personally, I'd say that this is something that government shouldn't do - and shouldn't be seen to be doing. It's the role of civil society to create a civil conversation that government can eavesdrop upon.


Shane McCracken said...

One of the most important tasks the force has is to free govt to engage as opposed to Lt Hauk show them how.

I think it's worth giving them a chance on this one.

Ian_QT said...

Eh? This sounds almost fascistic to me.

Paulie said...

It's only fascistic if the eavesdroping is surreptitious, but maybe 'eavesdrop' is the wrong word, though I like it.

I'm saying that civil conversations that ostensibly include the government tend to turn into pressure-group circuses.

A good quality public debate makes for better government - that's all I'm saying.