Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fifteen years looking at pages like this one

*starry-eyed positivity alert: beware*

As Bill reminds us all.

I've been working full time on web-related projects for about nine years now, and I spent a good deal of time on web-stuff for the three or four years preceding that.

As someone who has tried to develop and supply new services in this area, I never cease to be amazed at the speed of innovation and the hunger among users for the very latest stuff. They want it all, and they won't pay for it - and they often get it as well, blast them!

In so many ways, that CERN release has changed so many aspects of our lives, our work and the economy in a way that would have been impossible to predict.

When it gets to 20 years, maybe there should be some big public holiday to mark it, or something?

OK. You can go back to moaning about politics and stuff now.

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