Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two out of two

A few weeks ago, I tried out that idea about going to see a film without reading the review (just look for a film that has have four stars or more from a the BBC Movies review pages, and avoid having the whole thing ballsed up by any expectations). And be careful - DON'T read anything beyond the star-rating.

I suppose it's a bit like that 'look away now' warning they give you on the Saturday evening news, before Match of the Day.

Well, last time, I think I enjoyed The Orphanage a lot more than I would have done if I'd read the review before going to see it.

And, yesterday, I think I enjoyed 'Son of Rambow' in much the same way. It was a complete surprise, and a very good one.

Two out of two. It works. Try it yourself.

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bob said...

Good for you! I never ever read reviews of films any more, and it has massively increased my enjoyment of the movies.