Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bottled beers - update

Today, I should be working. I've got tons of crap that I've got to do, and I should be getting on with it. Which means there may be the odd bit of displacement blogging going on today. I'm really going to try and make this my last post today, but I can promise nothing with so much tedium in store for me:

So. In preparation for hours of shitwork, I nipped out to the nearest supermarket and came back with a selection of bottled beers. A good while ago now, I posted a round-up of bottled beers here, and I picked most of today's stock from the better bottles on that list.

However, I also got a bottle of something called St Edmunds by Greene King (4.2% abv), and it's good enough to warrant a displacement blog post. It's unusual in that it's an English ale that has been developed specifically to be drunk colder than room-temperature. And it's very clean and drinkeable. It's fresh and not as bitter as almost any of the others. It's also less gassy than almost any bottled ale that I've tasted. I could will drink it all night. My only worry about this kind of thing is that - when something as inoffensive as this comes out - it starts to get copied by everyone. One day, all bottled ales may taste like St Edmunds. It's almost as good as the St Peters. 9/10.

Here's a reminder of the others:
  • Fursty Ferret; OK. Not bad. Slightly too bitter - noticeably bottled taste, but OK. 7/10
  • Rebellion; red colour, hint of bonfire toffee. Hard to drink more than one bottle. OK. 6/10
  • Spitfire; Good. A bit dry and bitter, could have a fresher finish, but quite drinkeable. 8/10.
  • Waitrose 'Green Man' Organic Ale; Quite light. Good taste, whiskyish hint, a bit gassy, but drinkeable enough. 8/10.
  • Timothy Taylor Landlord - 'stong pale ale'; Actually only 4.1% and nothing much wrong with it. Maybe a bit gassy, but maybe all bottled beers are gassy? 8/10.
  • WychCraft; 4.5% from Wychwood. Hoppy smell. V.good. 8/10.
  • Marstons Single Malt; 4.2%. Nice, beery taste. Slightly smokey - noticeably nice after the WychCraft. 8/10.
  • St Peters' Organic Ale; 4.5%. The king of bottled beers. Clear, bright and drinkeable. Just the right balance of bitterness, sweetness and dryness. 9.5/10
  • Marston's Pedigree; 4.5%. Darker than most, heavier than most, not as good as the draught version. Not very drinkable. 5/10 at best.
  • Badger 'Golden Glory' - 4.5%; Very fruity & sweet, peach aroma. Delicious on first taste. Probably couldn't drink too much though, but if you plan to have only one bottle, this is it. It's a bit acidy, but if you worry about after-effects, you'd never drink any beer in the first place. 9/10.
Footnote: I decided only to review <5% abv beers as these are the only ones I buy.


Will said...

And what the fuck is wrong with Carlsberg Special Brew I ask you?

I'm not even going to mention Newkie broon you heathen.

Shuggy said...

I decided only to review <5% abv beers as these are the only ones I buy.

Ah, that explains it. Unfortunately your reviews are wasted on me; other than Newkie Brown, I consider any beer with less than 5% abv to be a complete waste of time.

deaglan said...

Theakston's "Old Peculier".
St Austell's "Tribute"
Hop Back's "Summer Lightning"

All good bevvys.

Paulie said...

The Old Peculiar is a bit hard to drink from the bottle Deaglan. It's fine on tap though.

And I think it may be >5% as well?


The stronger stuff is easier to review I suppose. Here's a generic one:

"Tastes like fizzy piss. Get's you shitfaced and may get you into a fight."

The stronger stuff is over-rated IMHO. Do the sums (I expect some smartarse will come along and explain that 'the body doesn't process alcohol like that')

10 x 6% bottles = 12 x 5% bottles.

By the time you've had ten of anything, you're past worrying about ABV.

Beaman said...

I found Spitfire quite disgusting.

Steve said...

Paulie, I'd add Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, O'Hanlon's Port Stout, St. Peter's IPA and Coniston Bluebird to that list.

You really are missing out if you don't include stuff slightly above 5% though. In any case, you'll need something stronger to drown your sorrows when Forest bomb out n the playoffs again.