Wednesday, April 30, 2008


All right thinking people will see if their hopes and dreams have been realised by about 5pm on Saturday. Here are the numbers.

Not a fantastic position to be in, but better than we could have hoped for even a few weeks ago.

I'm going with The Boy Named Sue on Saturday.

If you pray, say one for us?

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mikeovswinton and Bolton for my sins said...

Sorry, Paulie. Apart from my Swinton RL habit, I'm also a lifelong Bolton fan. We kick off at 5.15pm saturday, and any prayers will be saved for the superwhites. The situation at the bottom of the prem is causing arguments involving pocket calculators and recalls Bismark's comments on the Schleswig-Holtstein situation. I was on the phone for half an hour last night with my sister trying to work out what result we want from the Brum-Fulham fixture. Believe me, and I bet you know, its a lot easier if its promotion.