Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last month, I told you that parliament would respond to recent public anxieties about MPs expenses by creating a tougher audit regime in which MPs have to answer to civil servants on how minor details of their day-to-day work is conducted.

The Commons Members Estimates Committee has now obliged:
"The committee said it was "determined to establish audit controls which command public confidence".

Some MPs had suggested a system of random spot-checks "for checking the money has been spent on the purpose intended", it added.

The committee will hold discussions with the National Audit Office, accountancy firms, HM Revenue & Customs and the Audit Commission "to establish what is the most practical and effective arrangement"."
As I suggested previously, parliament no longer has the ability to defend itself.

So. Were going to get a more centralised and judicial quality of political representation. Would anyone with an ounce of sense want this?

Tough. You'll get it anyway. Get used to it.

It seems that the correct way for the country to be run is for newspaper journalists to frame the big questions, and for MPs to report to civil servants on how they are meeting the requirements of their three masters - hacks, lobbyists and bureaucrats.

And while they're at it, they better file their receipts properly!

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