Sunday, March 16, 2008


Music-wise, Nottingham has always punched well below its weight. Where other cities had their respective scenes, I think that the best that we ever managed was Alvin Stardust (and even he was from Mansfield really). Oh, and KWS.

Oh, and Paper Lace - a wretched band but one with an awesome classic. (MP3s here)

But the one thing we always did have was a fantastic record shop in Selectadisc. When I was at school, if you were almost broke, it was worth buying the cheapest thing from the bargain bins at their old secondhand shop upstairs on Bridlesmith Gate just to have another one of the hip yellow plastic bags to carry around.

One such example - only 50p in 1979 - The Headboys - The Shape of Things To Come.

Why mention this now? Well, Rullsenberg is a bit worried.

Oh, and here's Alvin: "Keep your wits abaht yer - be smart, be safe."


mikeovswinton said...

Paulie; Guard your record stores! When I think of the ones that have gone from Manchester I could almost cry - recently Expansion (run by the great Dean Johnson, who even packed up his mail order business), Decoy and Big Pink. Going back further, Rare Records on John Dalton Street, and Hime & Addision's just opposite. (Bought the vinyl of Breezin' by George Benson there - back in the days when he was a great jazz guitarist. What went wrong for him?). At least we've still got Fat City and Beatin' Rhythm. BR is THE place for Northern Soul - quite appropriate as its in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. Did Sectadisc do much Soul and Jazz?

ejh said...

its, not it's

Paulie said...

Gah! I'll change it THIS TIME, but I need to come up with a disclaimer saying that I have a medical condition that stops me from ever knowing where to put apostrophes.

Chris said...

Just came across your blog - good stuff. Selectadisk is always first on my list when I go to Nottingham, you don't know how lucky you are!