Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fisks - not writs

I'll join Tim Ireland's campaign to keep lawyers out of the blog-spats. I'll not get into the details here because I suspect I'd come to regret it if I did.

But Guido / Paul says here (in the comments, under a second pseudonym)
"The thing about us libertarians is that we believe strongly in the rule of law. This time I will not let your lies stand."
Even the stoutest defender of the 'rule of law' is embarrassed by the appalling state of libel laws in this country. The legal winner of any libel contest is rarely a genuinely injured plaintiff or a righteous justified critic.

Keep the arguments in the comments boxes, eh? I suspect that you'll establish who is telling the truth there a good deal more effectively there than you will using lawyers. I'd go further: In a situation such as this, it would often be the case that anyone who wants to get the argument out of a comments thread and into the more opaque and expensive hands of lawyers may be wishing to rig the game somewhat.

M'learned friends will confirm that - from the above para - it would not be correct to read any inference here that Mr Staines is trying to do that in this case, but ... well ... tongues will wag...

Hat tip: Bob


The Plump said...

Another piece of glorious sophistry by a right "libertarian".

Classic Liberals should be virulently opposed to the use of law to suppress the free expression of opinion. Libertarians should be even more sceptical of law as a form of coercion.

Arse and elbow distinguishing is also probably not a strong point.

TOR Hershman said...

Never turst anyone over 30.....months.

Stay on groovin' safari,