Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Concerted campaign to undermine

A few years ago, I installed a really good spam filter on my work e-mail inbox. This is important because my address had been listed on a number of websites since 1999, so I'm now getting 150-200 spam messages a day.

However, we've been mucking around with our system and my spam filter is temporarily disabled, so I'm seeing about a dozen messages every hour that normally never crossed my desktop.

One important thing seems to have changed since I last looked. The subject line of these messages (about 30%+ are for penis enlargements and a fair few others are for various knob-straightening pills) are taunts designed to somehow make the sobbing inadequate male open the e-mail and order that op.

And I have one of those widgets that makes the subject line of all email that hits my inbox flash up on my screen. In the last couple of hours, I've had the following messages:
  • A Real Man should have a Real cock
  • Never be laughed at again - prove them wrong
  • Regain the confidence you have lost
  • Your girlfriend can't wait for night to fall once you have this
  • Small size is not your verdict!
  • Your instrument will bring great joy to ladies
  • Those who doubted you before will marvel at you now
  • Your tool deserves some sharpening
  • No longer want to be shy about your item?
  • You and your partner will have many magical moments with this
  • You must be The Real Man with huge dignity
Now, even though I have (ahem) absolutely no problems in this department, these messages are not doing my self-image any good. It's like some sort of horrible neural programming project designed to turn me into a self-loathing wreck. What Pootergeek would call Brentian Man.

I may shortly turn into a bloggertarian if I'm not careful.....

(I don't suppose this post will do my visitor numbers any harm in the long run...)

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