Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday morning vibes

More PP. Here she is with some white boys again. If you're not weeping like a baby at the end of this one, you need a sensory transplant.

From Ian Levine's YouTube page, some Northern Soul: 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright'

Ocean Colour Scene are much maligned, I fear. Here's 'The Day We Caught The Train':


Shades said...

These are cracking songs.

No tears though, I'm a Geordie hardnut and go drinking in a T shirt.

Lucky Col said...

Not maligned enough for me, sorry.

OCS were Madchester failures who changed tack to cling on the Britpop coat-tails on the back of Chris Evans' use of one (ONE !!) of their riffs.

Bob Piper said...

Off message Paulie, I know, but this should make you happy: