Thursday, January 10, 2008


V. busy lately. I've been in Belfast and will be back and forth there quite a bit in the coming months.

Last week, my first visit to Stormont coincided with the heaviest snow in years. My camera battery was dead, but there's this on Flickr:

Meanwhile, here's Dave Osler on the idiocy of cutting adult education.

Crying All The Way To The Chip Shop is worth a look - especially this one. - Via The Ingrate (also worth a regular visit).

Also, via The Ingrate's sidebar, a Mod Mod World. Tons of viewing there. It's a bit light on The Chords though - the high point of the Mod Revival.

The Clarkson Mindchange.

Will Davies - Facebooking at work. (Introduced on his blog but the whole Register article is worth a read).

And Last on Match Of The Day (via Bob)


ShaneMcC said...

I was home for the snow. It was great. Not quite so much down our way but enough to cause 8 accidents on a short stretch of road.

Paulie said...

There was an editorial in the Irish News asking if Northern Ireland should maintain a fleet of snowploughs. Given that there isn't that much snow there, the conclusion was a fairly quick 'no - well just live with it when it happens' which I thought was very sensible.

ShaneMcC said...

A few more gritters could be handy though. The A23 where we were driving (to the pub of course) didn't get gritted at all until the following morning. It wasn't as though the cold weather was unexpected. The shame of it was that with all the snow falling I had to rush my last pint of Guinness before heading back to this desert of decent black stuff.