Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Next Sunday

The TUC - among others - are campaigning for a new Bank Holiday - 'Community Day.'

I can't see any recommendations on the site for a specific date, but elsewhere, there are suggestions that it could fall on the birthdate of the NHS. If I recall correctly, others mooted a day in November as part of the remembrance timetable.

Next Sunday will be Robbo Day. The birthday of John Neilson Robertson - described lovingly here on the Bridport Red's website.

And this will be the third year of this blog's campaign to have it esablished as a national holiday (though being on a Sunday slightly undermines the case this year).

20th January. Robbo Day. Write to your MP. Because, when all of us lie on our deathbeds and look back on our lives, we will all do so in the certain knowledge that - compared to John - we have been found wanting.

On Sunday afternoon, in bars up and down the country (but particularly in the East Midlands), silent middle aged men will be observed standing alone, looking pensive - perhaps wistful.

If you see this, look closely. Has he bought a second pint that is standing beside the one he is drinking? The pint that will remain untouched?

That pint has been placed there in the hope that John will pass by and accept the offer. And talk about that night, 1st round, second leg, when everything changed forever.

20th January. Robbo Day. You know it makes sense.

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