Saturday, December 29, 2007

Subordinating the state to the general will

I saw this just before chrimbo (via DSTPFW) and I've tried half-a-dozen times to write a post about it for here because it doesn't have its own comment thread.

There's far too much meat there for one comment. For fuxake, go read it yourself.

A few times in the last few years, other bloggers have pointed to something that has already arrived at the conclusion that they have been striving towards. The conclusion that they were never likely to actually articulate properly.

Like whoever it was who said that they found out that they'd been writing prose all along, this post pulls together so many themes that I've been niggling around for so long. I'd never have got there though.


Anonymous said...

Believe me, you are a much better writer than that.

I mean many times better.

As in, please don't start imitating the style of a 2nd year sociology undergrad. It would be such a shame to be forced to stop reading this blog because you'd started writing like a gimp.

Will said...

Anti-intellectuality is one of the markers of a fascist mindset.

In other words - Fuck off anon coward and pissant.