Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy new year

Looking for a babysitter tonight?

Good luck. I'm staying in again with Mrs NTaH, some Doritos and a few gassy bottles of beer. Probably watching Jools' Hootenanny as usual, and swearing about the Kaiser Chiefs as usual.

Could watch the One From The Heart DVD that Santa brought instead? Gimmie a film suggestion someone?

Staying in too? Here's a few suggestions from the archive.

Update: Here's the 'May Contain Notts' 2007 awards.

Meantimes, here's a Yootoobe clip of Mick O'Connor (banjo) who used to play at a session that I used to sit in on in the mid '80s. I haven't seen him since, until I ran into him on the tube this morning. He's at The Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood most Sunday afternoons (3.30pm - 6pm).

Hello again Mick.


hakmao said...

Das Leben der Anderen (best fillum this year)

The Third Man is on BBC4

The All Together

ibanda said...

Kylie was good...

Steve said...

That 'May Contain Notts' piece had me in fits.

It wil be a regular read from now on.

Incidentally, have you read this?

A sad reminder of past glories - followed by decline and fall.

Paulie said...


Yes - I read it as well over Xmas. I was putting if off until I'd have the time to read / re-read it in one go (I do that, oddly - I often read a book twice in one go).

I'm going to add something about it myself here, but I've been too busy sobbing like a child since I read it to do anything.