Sunday, December 30, 2007

Eight for 2008

OK. I've not been tagged with anything for a while, so here's one from Shades:

Eight 2008 wishes (Iain Dale’s Meme) with a likelihood in brackets after it (no particular order). Here's a stab at them anyway:
  1. Forest to finally escape from the nightmare that is the Third Division (35%)
  2. A significant improvement to the house (lots of stuff to do - rewiring, etc) (50%)
  3. (Don't laugh) - my tenor banjo playing is getting there. I'd like to get over the final hurdle and up to performance standard (60%)
  4. I know this is a bit odd, but I'd like all of my techie things to work the way they are supposed to (40%)
  5. Find more time for music in general - practice, playing recording (35%)
  6. Nigel Clough to be appointed as Forest manager (2%)
  7. Finally escape from my childish attitude towards food - my kids have got a more mature attitude to food than I have - at least a half of most restaurant menus is off-limits to me. (5%)
  8. Find five new CDs that I'd really recommend to others. And five novels. And a handful of non-fictions as well. (65%)
There's a few wishes that are a bit too nebulous. The 'work' wish is so thoroughgoing that it could use up all ten of my wishes - so I've not bothered with it at all.

I'd like Labour to have learned where it's gone wrong and - as a result - to have better-than-evens odds of winning the next election (I'd settle for 'in coalition with the Lib-Dems at a stretch). A respectable mid-table position for Forest in The Championship is a qualification to wish No.1 but it would reduce the likelihood to a dispiritingly low 10%.

Wish No.8. could include actually listening / reading stuff I already have properly. For example, I've dipped into David McLellan's 1973 biography of Marx a few times in the last few years and each time I do, it looks more like a book that deserves proper study.

OK. Five people to pass this one on too: Jon, Jams, Matt, Col, and - you never know - Shuggy may finally remove his digit from his fundament for this one?

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James Hamilton said...

Well, I think wishing the Forest job on young Nigel reveals a previously well-concealed sadistic streak in you... ;_)