Friday, November 23, 2007

Wanted: One scapegoat

Wise for England: They deserve each other.

Máirtín has let them off the hook, it seems.

I know that, when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me. But surely the numb-nuts at Soho Square weren't going to risk hiring a Ulster taig who used to manage Celtic as their next manager?

I don't know how patriotic Villa fans felt about this one, but personally, I trace my lefty pro-EU disdain for Englishness to the English FA's ability to lure Brian (pbuh) away from Forest in the late-70s. My chauvinistic Irish family had nothing to do with it.

I resented their power to do so. When they didn't exercise that power, I saw the entire English establishment for what it is: A shower of morons.

Whoever gets this poison chalice will just become their latest scapegoat. Denis Wise is having a good season, isn't he? Could it happen to a nicer bloke?

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Simon said...

and bent barra boy Bates for Barwick too!

This is not said in jest.