Wednesday, November 28, 2007

State Funding for Political Policymakers - now!

There's a good piece by Jenni Russell in todays Guardian. It offers a diagnosis of the problem with the central civil service that completely mirrors my own experiences of dealing with Whitehall. Civil Servants are not motivated in any way to co-operate with elected politicians - and they are rewarded for not doing so.

And - thankfully - there are no problems that she observes that wouldn't be largely solved by applying this blog's version of state funding' for political parties. (That is a link to one of my posts from a year ago, but I could have written it yesterday without many changes).

The problem with advocating this is that no opposition is likely to take such a moral high-ground and call for it, and without such cooperation, no government could introduce it.

Even though we've seen that the Tories have no greater track-record of administrative competence, the kremlinologists will always give them rich rewards for grandstanding rather than for being constructive. If this wasn't the case, I suspect that the Tories would be prepared to accept that the arrangements I'm advocating here would be just as much in their interests as they would be in Labour's.

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