Thursday, November 08, 2007

Marx on bloggertarians and kremlinologists

The man himself

Via the boy Rubbish (by email), here is the man himself foreseeing the witless combination of bloggertarians, kremlinologists and fuckwits of the Rory Bremner variety.

It is well known that a certain kind of psychology explains big things by means of small causes and, correctly sensing that everything for which man struggles is a matter of his interest, arrives at the incorrect opinion that there are only "petty" interests, only the interests of a stereotyped self-seeking.

Further, it is well known that this kind of psychology and knowledge of mankind is to be found particularly in towns, where moreover it is considered the sign of a clever mind to see through the world and perceive that behind the passing clouds of ideas and facts there are quite small, envious, intriguing manikins, who pull the strings setting everything in motion.

However, it is equally well known that if one looks too closely into a glass, one bumps one's own head, and hence these clever people's knowledge of mankind and the universe is primarily a mystified bump of their own heads.

Stop press: Latest news: Fuck You Alan Johnson, I'm off for a fry-up!!?!?!???!!! Genius!