Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Losing accents

Too busy for much today. I did see this guide to Nottingham's lovely inimitable accent on Left Lion (again).

I was listening to a Podcast (ark at me!) from The Times a few weeks ago - an interview with Paul Weller. I remember him being interviewed in the late 1970s on TV - he had a hatchet of an accent then. You wouldn't think that there was a regional accent in Surrey, but our Paul had a peach of a one.

Today he has a nondescript middle England update of RP.

I listened to myself on that Little Atoms show a few weeks ago (admittedly, probably putting on my telephone voice) and my near-undetectable Stabbeau accent depressed the life out of me.

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mikeovswinton near manchestoh said...

Nice one Paulie. I remember the penny dropping when I got called "mi duck" three times by different blokes in the first half hour I ever spent in Nottingham. The link article's point about words ending in Y and IE is interesting in the Manchester context where in some parts of the city ER becomes OH - eg in certain parts of Salford Manchester is called Manchestoh. (And that's a "short" OH. Hard to put into words, eh.)