Friday, November 16, 2007


Sound Effects. Something you said set the house ablaze

I went for a quick nose-around St Pancras the other day, but it was still a big building site. I think it'll be nice when it finishes though. Here's Left Lion's recollections of old St Pancras from the perspective of a Nottingham-based Jam fan.

Anyway, it's Friday. So here's three little bits of Jam-inspired trivia to be going on with.

Further to the discussion of all things Jam here and here....

1. Give me your nominations for 'most underrated Jam song' - in the comments. Once I've got the nominations in, I'll do a poll.

So far, in the comments here, I've had 'Happy Together' (my fav), It's Too Bad, Absolute Beginners and Tales from the Riverbank.

2. Give me a list of records that are obvious Beatle rip-offs. I'll start with...
  • It's Too Bad - The Jam
  • Start All Over - Kula Shaker
  • Goodbye Girl - Squeeze
  • Four Seasons in One Day - Crowded House
  • Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis
Any more?

3. It's an important weekend for those geniuses in Respect. Any suggestions for a theme tune (I've already done some piss-poor ones in the comments over on the Ingrate's post).


mikeovswinton said...

On question 3; NOT the song originally composed by Mr Redding, and later covered to rather good effect by Ms Franklin. Defintely NOT that one. I hope that goes without saying.

jams o donnell said...

I'll have to dig out Setting Sons, All Mod Cons etc and give them a listen. It's ages since I've listened to the Jam. I'd perhaps go along with Tales from teh Riverbank too

As for part 2.. Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears For Fears struck me as a later Beatles rip off

Part 3? Why does the Anti Nowhere League's So What spring to mind? Its chorus anyway...

mikeovfunkyoldswinton said...

Further on question 3; for some reason this morning the idea that the Galloway wing of Respect might want to use Jean Knight's "Mr Big Stuff" came to mind. Can't think why.

Paulie said...


Ages ago you asked me has I heard about Nicole Willis - I didn't reply at the time it seems.

Well, I have indeed:

I saw her at the Cargo in London and was dissapointed as well. The band didn't seem to be the one on the record - they sounded like a bunch of students who'd just been co-oped and couldn't beleive that they were backing her.

Anonymous said...

Paulie - yer link don't work! Did the band have a baritone sax player in who looked smaller than his horn?

mikeovswinton said...

Paulie; Sorry, I seem to have posted as anon. Two other things -first, have you checked out "The Soul and Jazz of Timo Lassy"? Worth a listen, as you'll guess. Second, ignore the idiots - the pix of Nottingham -not just the one you posted - show the city for the fine place even we Mancs know it to be. Actually, some of them brought back happy memories of 3 of the best years of my life.

Paulie said...

Balls! Sorry Mike. I seem to have developed an incompetence with links lately.

I can't remember the composition of the band that night - they were so awful that I didn't get close enough to watch. The support act (whose name I didn't get) were fantastic though.

Will check out Timo Lassy - there's nothing on MySpace though. Any relation to FCQ?

mikeovswinton said...

He's their tenor man.The place to go for this and other stuff is if I am allowed to advertise that excellent music shop.

Miles said...

The song for respect would have been Eton Rifles.
"I get the guns and you run off with Galloway,
And leave me standing..."
Finish it yourself

May Contain Notts said...

Most underrated Jam Song - The Great Depression.

Oh, and I saw From The Jam at Rock Citeh last week, and they were better than I even dared to dream.