Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Stupid Game redux

Further to the post on The Stupid Game, the dormant Pootergeek has briefly risen from his slumber to point me at this slice of common sense.
" is a crap sport and no one in Australia really cares about it (people in NSW and Queensland might be interested, but they don't care - massive difference. As for Victoria, SA, WA and Tassie ... well they are hardly going to lose any sleep). It's an aspirational private schoolboy wankfest.

... no Wallaby fan goes home to kick the dog after a loss. No mood is altered. No one gets obliterated to drown their sorrows. There are no fights. Everyone drives home safely in their 4WDs and listens to the Best of Burt Bacharach or Norah Jones ...

Part of the reason for the fans' lack of passion is they aren't really sure what happened, and why? If rugby is so good how come they always change the farking rules? If you're looking for a red flag that a game is fatally flawed, note how often its administrators change the fundamental ways the game is played."

Read the whole thing though - he's right about this.


mikeovswintonrLfc said...

Read the article and you will see that its about "rugby" Union. NOT Rugby League. So that's alright then. (There's a great story about the day Edwin Starr came to see Swinton Lions play Keighley, Paulie.)

col said...

When your team is in the final, it doesn't matter what the sport is. When Torvill & Dean competed in the '84 Olympics, everyone watched. No-one complained that Ice Skating was an upper-class "wank-fest". When Steve Redgrave won 5 gold medals, people supported him because he was one of ours.

So when England get into the final of an international tournament, you can bet your life that most English people will support them in exactly the same way that your non-football-loving Irish followed Jack Charlton's football team.

Pretend to be English for a couple of hours on Saturday night, Paulie, you know you want to ;-)

And the reason that no Australian went home to kick the dog after their defeat to the English two weeks ago, is that they would probably have missed.

Paulie said...

FYI, I took no interest in Torvill and Dean, not that ice-skating upper class in the first place. It's just silly. I was very pleased indeed for Steve Redgrave.

And it's not the Upper Classness of Rugby Union that I object to either. I understand that a lower class of sheep-shagger enjoy it in other countries.

It's the fact that it is a surrogate for forbidden bestiality - something I've never suspected you of being interested in before Colin, but I suppose I should be more broadminded about this kind of thing.

It is the 21st century, after all.

I don't even mind being English either. In so far as I'm interested in international football (and I'll only be mildly interested until Forest are formally recognised as an independent state by the UN), I support England when they play.

brockway said...

Why were you pleased for Steve Redgrave? Rowing is a posh persons' sport if ever there was one.