Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stand up for kremlinology and groupthink

I spoke at a conference yesterday - the 'Battle of Ideas' - about weblogs and democracy. On the panel were a couple of journalists - both of whom come from a position that is very different from mine on most issues, I would add.

I may post something on the wider debate in due course, but one thing springs to mind immediately. I was very surprised at the understanding that established journalists have of how the blogosphere works and what it's values are.

Rather than report in this in detail, you can get the same effect by looking at the NUJ New Media blog. Here, it is sticking up for journalists on the blogosphere and getting a wide-ranging response.

They've decided to make the 5th November a 'stand up for journalism on the blogosphere' day. I can't find the justification for the choice of date, but could it be intended to have a dig at Guido by any chance?

The argument being that if we stop paying journalists, the only commentary we will get will be Guidoesque?

Well, the NUJ is hoping to get a debate going and is looking for blog-posts that have commenting on this debate. A lot of the blogs I enjoy reading are very sceptical of the claim that the bad bloggers are poisoning the pristine well the journalists have dug for us.

So if you have any posts on this in your archives, now would be a good time to dredge them up. Here three of mine (chosen fairly randomly) to be going on with. And here's another, if that's not enough for you.

Have you got a blog? Have you been critical of journalistic standards on it? Then let them know. (Heh! Comments are moderated there - surprised?).

Update: Just after posting this, I read this on the Telegraph site - worth a look.


Kate said...

The 5th November is a general 'Stand Up For Journalism' day, part of the NUJ's ongoing 'Stand Up For Journalism' campaign. The blogosphere stuff is just a small part of it, and nothing to do with Guido.

(link: )

(nice blog by the way!)

Donnacha DeLong said...

5 November was chose because the Society of Editors are meeting in Manchester, which is the focus of activism in the UK. Comments are moderated on the NUJ New Media blog because 90% of comments we got in the early days were spam (though we might just change it to the Word Verification filter I see below, didn't realised they'd introduced them).