Friday, October 12, 2007

Normblog profile

My Normblog profile is up! I've put 'Miller's Crossing' down as my favourite film (after considering almost all of this lot first). Here's a clip featuring Albert Finney and the voice of Frank Patterson.

I dashed off the answers without as much editing, so I've since thought better of a few of the answers as you may expect. One of Norm's standbys is 'what's your best blogging experience?'

In answering, I forgot the time that a band that I liked gave a nod of approval to a review that I gave them or the time that Sonny Rollins may have graced these pages with his fleeting presence.


Will said...


Darren said...

Forest fan? Only one team in Nottingham.

Nice namecheck for 'Miller's Crossing'.

No idea why more people don't mention it. It's the Coen Brothers best film.

Paulie said...

Will - whatever. Link to it from your blog and the Trots will you? ;-)

Darren, welcome. I'm an occasional visitor to the Ingrate. Come back again, y'hear?