Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Some developments worth noting:

1. Renewal is back, this time edited by Martin McIvor. This is good news for democratic socialists everywhere because we haven't had a decent journal for a while, and there is no better man to run it than Martin.

2. Will Davies is involved, and this post is worth looking at for these gems - if for no other:
"New Labour has been duped by the Right into thinking that markets are simply technocratic devices to increase efficiency, but the Right itself never believed this or promoted them for this reason alone. Instead, there are distinctly moral issues at stake in how and why we embrace markets (this isn't about 'are markets moral or not?' but about different markets as different varieties of moral edifice)."
And ...
"For the Left to portray neoliberalism as the celebration of greed and selfishness is rather like the Right portraying socialism as resting on a hatred of freedom. If you insist on viewing your opponents in such terms, you will never understand them."
3. On the subject of 'know your enemy', right-wing libertarianism and hegemony (how they - the RWLs - can get it) - here - linked from Squander Two. It is interesting the class that the RWLs identify as the Enemy Class. It is a mixture of the chattering class and officialdom.

Loathsome as both may be, it is a very impoverished vision of freedom and what we need to be freed from. But it's worth reading, nevertheless.

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