Saturday, October 20, 2007


I had to drive along a country lane in the home counties this morning. It was very disturbing. Everywhere, sheep are huddled with their hindquarters firmly pushed against any walls that they can find.

It won't help them if they are forced to join in any celebrations this evening.

I fear that the only thing that can save them from a fate worse than death is a South African victory. Who will speak for these casualties of The Stupid Game?


Phil A said...

The stupid game? That would be as opposed to, say; the stupid people’s game?

If you ever compare the relative articulacy of footballers and rugby players the rugby players generally come out streets ahead.

Come to think of it the supporters tend to require much less of a police presence too…

brockway said...

The good news is that the Morris Dancers lost at football, egg chasing and driving a car round a track.

Isn't English rugby hero Brian Moore from Nottingham?

Paulie said...

Police presence? All leave was cancelled in the countryside - I'm told that even the fact that England lost didn't stop widespread 'incursions' into the livestock.

Apparently it wasn't as bad as 2003, but I'll still not be eating lamb chops for a while.

And, as for articulacy, everywhere I went on Saturday I found myself surrounded by slack-jawed cretins singing the only two lines of the only one song that Rugby Union fans know.

Brockway, Brian Moore was a football commentator.

Liz said...

Brian Moore is a rugby commentator and ex-England hooker.

For my views on rugby v football behaviour see,3424

brockway said...

Old dome head was a Gillingham supporter if I remember correctly...

Liz, I find some of the pictures on your blog deeply offensive.