Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Case dismissed.

The cops have been called to prise apart production team here at NTaH. The point of contention is '... is Charlie Brooker a negativist fuckwit or what?'

The case for the prosecution run as follows:
  • He moans about everything all the time while probably being paid a fortune
  • ... just like all of those posh arseholes on the 'Grumpy old men' TV franchise
  • ... and they're all undoubtedly negativist fuckwits, aren't they?
  • So surely Brooker is one too?
Now here's the case for the defence

Hak has the argument for the defence - the main one. This is the absolute 180 degree opposite of negativism. And I'm going to just teef this one off Will's site without any shame:

The verdict:
Mr Brooker. You are innocent of all charges. You have nothing to defend but your genius. The court apologises to you for wasting your time and bids you good day.


mikeovswinton said...

Whatever. But isn't there a strange similarity between the fundamental idea of "Screen Wipe" and the now long-running (10years and counting) Guardian column "Screen Break" done by Martin Kelner? OK "Screen Break" is just about sport, but think about.

mikeovetc said...

it. (Sorry.)