Monday, October 15, 2007

Asleep at the wheel?

Maybe it because I've not been paying attention that I didn't realise that three times as many people now qualify to pay inheritance tax than did in 1997. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the tax itself, it is surprising - as Mick points out on his new blog - that Labour didn't pick this up as an issue earlier.

Shadowing a regressive policy is one thing. But failing to realise that the Tories had an open goal is another altogether.


col said...

There's one thing accepting that the Labour Party had to move to the right away from its socialist roots in order to get elected in '97, but it's quite another thing pandering to the landed gentry in Daily Mail Land in order to win the odd seat to keep power.

The books will have to balanced from somewhere, and you can bet your life it ain't gonna be from the sons & daughters of big house owning pensioners on their way out.

Paulie said...

For the avoidance of doubt, Col, I'm all in favour of stiffer inheritance tax, and not a relaxation of it.

My only comment here is that - when lots of people start to qualify for a tax that they didn't qualify for before - the government should know it, recognise it as a political problem, and have a counterproposal to hand.

The fact that lots of people started to qualify for it was news to me - I didn't realise that it was a problem on that scale. And I'm surprised that the government haven't seen it as a timebomb.