Sunday, October 07, 2007

1980 - Denman Street, Radford Nottingham

1980 - Denman Street, Radford Nottingham
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I've just seen this (via Col) - the rest in this set are worth a look as well. About the time this was shot, I was getting into photography myself - and hanging around Radford a fair bit.

It occured to me at the time that taking lots of photos of urban landscapes - off the beaten path - would be a very good investment. In Radford, there was a lot of demolition going on in the late '70s and early '80s, and a number of places were changing forever.

Of course, good investments are only any use to people who have cash or credit. I never got round to walking around and taking photos of everything I saw - mainly because of the prohibitive cost of film to me at the time, and a lack of access to developing facilities.

So, for all of the debates about the quality of digital -v- wind-up cameras, the one thing that digital cameras do allow us to do, is to take hundreds of shots each day at virtually no cost. And Flickr's fantastic geotagging helps share it as well.

Now, the only thing I can't afford is the time - something I had more of in 1980 than I do today.

As an aside, large swathes of Radford were knocked down at the time. It was not a crime-free paradise either. But after all of that 'improvement', Radford now seems a lot less safe than it did before the bulldozers moved in to make things better. It's reputation is certainly a lot worse than it was at the time.


mikeovswinton said...

Paulie; Is there a site with late 70s Nottingham photos? I was at uni there then, and have always wondered if someone had a picture of that weird junk/record shop in the Meadows, just near County's ground, where I spent many happy saturday afternoons in the good old days of Jimmy Sirrel. (They were at home on days Bolton were away, so I combined the 2 - there is, I believe, another football team in Nottingham.)

Tim Almond said...

Very true.

I probably would have been a much more serious amateur if I'd had a digital camera instead of my film OM10.

I'm now just using a powershot, but it does allow me to do aperture and shutter priority, and I'm thinking about whether to get a dSLR at the moment.

Paulie said...

I don't usually do adverts, but the Nikon P5000 is fantastic - it's got most of the SLR features (inc shutter / aperture priority) but it's small as well.


The shop you're talking about was in the old Cattle Market I think?

It was off my beat a bit but I remember it vaguely. There used to be a good army surplus place near there as well.

I've seen some sites with 80s photos from Nottm on them but I can't remember where - that link in the post is a good place to start though?

Try searching Flickr on 'meadows nottingham' maybe?

mikeovswinton andonce of the County Road Side said...

Paulie; You might be right. Didn't the owner have sort of chains of razor blades hanging from his ears? I'm starting to think that I might have invented this memory.... But I'm fairly sure it was very near to Meadow Lane. (One of my lecturers used to buy 78s in there. That's if it wasn't - or isn't - just a figment of my imagination.)