Thursday, September 20, 2007

Three years on.

Is it a coincidence that 'The Special One' can't continue to live the lie, on the third anniversary of the death of the real Special One? Perhaps he's on his way to the City Ground where he can beg for a chance to match Brian's acheivements? (If he can turn around the current mess, he would, indeed, have proved something).

McGari has found this fantastic archive (preceded by an annoying ad - be patient) of The Almighty Brian on Yorkshire TV in an extended interview with Austin Mitchell and .... Don Revie - on the evening that Leeds sacked him.

It's a fantastic bit of television that I didn't know existed. I've not seen it referred to in any of the various biogs of the great man either. And I wouldn't be surprised in David Peace hadn't seen it either before he wrote his excellent The Damned Utd
In a similar vein, the most recent edition of Radio 4's 'Great Lives' is a tribute from Motty and Duncan Hamilton to Himself, with a few of his classic quotes in the original - better than the popular misquotes.
He was beyond compare. Here endeth.....

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