Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Being a creature of habit, I usually go on holiday to the same place these days. With the kids and the cost, going to stay with family in County Mayo has an obvious appeal. But I love the place anyway, and I detest leaving it every year. *sigh*

I've been back for three weeks, and someone else who goes back there all the time has just e-mailed me to ask if I've still got Post-Mayo Depression (PMD).

I do indeed. This year, I went around photographing everything. The one surprising result was just how stunning the western sky is.

... and

... and here, over the horse racing on the beach. I had all my money on the horse on the right of the picture.

For the record, I wish I was sitting in Belmullet with a slow pint and a copy of the Irish Times. Or driving out to Aghleam to the lighthouse.

Oh well.

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Colin Campbell said...

Lovely shots and a very familiar feeling. Personally I have PWD when I head back to work every week.