Saturday, September 15, 2007

Call to action

1. Support the Freemantle care workers. Read all about it. Via Neil at the trots.

2. More along the 'Belittle Britain' lines: It is the patriotic duty of everyone to write about the Tory grassroots like Pete is doing here. Their councillors will lose the next election for them - why doesn't Labour wake up to the fact that political centralisation serves to allow the massed ranks of the stupid party to hide behind the Bullingdon Boy's (admittedly, scuffed) veneer?

3. And - along the same lines again, I suppose that my 'I'm not voting for bloody Ken' rant is kind of put into perspective here. I'm still not happy with the general concepts of a powerful mayor though, and I reserve the right to vote for Ken with more reservations than I've ever had voting for a Labour candidate.

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