Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A political wanker-magnet

This is lovely. Really lovely.

In the mid-1990s, anyone who was looking would have noticed the Labour Party filling up with lots of ambitious young things, prepared to say almost anything, to get noticed. They were both a curse and a postive weathervane. I used to think "if these wankers are sniffing round, we really are going to win the next election."

I wonder if the Tories will be able to hang on to their wankers over the coming months. And - if they do - will it do them any good?

All will be revealed, I expect.

Oh, and here's Hitch, going for it in a big way.

And here's the excellent Newton Emerson writing in New Humanist. He's upbeat. And when Newt is upbeat, we should all be happy.

For those who don't know, Newton was responsible for the best satire site I've ever seen.

Really. Bookmark it. Go back everyday and read one edition from the archives.

Time very well spent.

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Finally, I'm printing this off to read on the bus home. I think you will find it worthwhile as well.

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