Monday, July 23, 2007


I'd agree with Tom on this - a tax based upon alcohol volume in drinks.

Aside from his principled arguments, I just like weakish beer. Most of the decent bitters are around 4% ABV, and this should be encouraged.


Tom Freeman said...

Yeah, I prefer weakish stuff too, so it's a bit of a self-serving argument from my perspective. I used to be able to knock back almost endless amounts of 5%+ lager, but my tolerance has really collapsed in recent years.

Shuggy said...

"I just like weakish beer."

Is there no end to your depravity?

col said...

From my days working at Home Brewery, waiting on the budget increase knowing that we would have to recalculate all the duty figures, the one thing we did know was that no matter how much duty the Chancellor put on a pint, volumes would not drop.

People will struggle to pay more tax, they may even stop smoking but they never stopped the amount, or the brand, of what they drank.