Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beating the ban


Via Bryan Appleyard who also gives The Spectacularlyboring a good slap for it's poxy endorsement of Boris for Mayor.

Shame he ruins the article with an archetypal blogger final sentence.


dsquared said...

But does it not worry you that if Boris does get elected, your preferred model for politics leaves basically no checks and balances in place to stop him getting on with more or less whatever pops into his thick bloody head? I mean, seriously, in that eventuality, would you not be rather grateful for a bit of an attack-dog press, "constipating" the river of crap that BJ has planned for us and generally cramping his style?

Paulie said...

I'll answer that partly with a fairly weak comeback, or rather an appeal for my model of a politicised civil service to be coupled with my model for proportional representation - a transferable vote model.

But, fundamentally, I think that a rogue local representative who could actually pursue his/her own agenda rather than being entirely bound by the lawyers of pressure groups, the permanent bureaucracy and a shallow attack-dog press - that would be a good thing. It would teach the voters a thing or two, anyway.