Thursday, June 21, 2007

Impartiality is over-rated

Again, I’m just too distracted with other stuff to do much original here. But two questions occur to me today.

Firstly, everyone* is hand-wringing about BBC impartiality like it’s a good thing. Reprising this, why is this assumption never challenged?

And secondly, Chris Dillow is continuing to showcase his ‘managerialism-cause-of-all-ills’ thesis (not that he's necessarily completely wrong on this, btw), but in this post, he discusses the civil service, and you can hear the phlegm hit the ground as he says ‘politicised.’

Surely, thoroughly politicising the civil service would solve most of the problems that Chris complains about? It would certainly change the attitude of politicians to public administration, and – as far as I can see – managerialism is largely the result of a dysfunctional relationship between politicians and civil servants in which both have been allowed to fetishise the generalist for far too long?

We could even use elections to decide who should govern us. What a fantastically utopian concept that is, eh?

*Note that all links go to The Guardian or the BBC ;-) Liberal bias or what?

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yourkonstantine. said...

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