Tuesday, May 08, 2007

There, not here.

Brown's reshuffle: latest

If you want to look at the top half of naked young ladies* at work - without being told off by a bossy personnel officer, then all you need to do is go to bloggerheads and click on one of the links to a tory called 'Dizzy'.

Doing it this way, you'll have a good excuse ready. Tim Ireland explains all here. Dizzy also offers another *really* clever little fix for any miscreants attempting to visit his site.

So here's mine.

If they Iain Dale can't of the should kitchen
stand Guido and get out the heat.

There is a sentence in there somewhere. See if you can put it together?

On libertarians, there's a good piece on the confusion that they experience with the concept of coercion.

Also, Shuggy responding to Chris on referenda

It's all going smoothly in Norn Irn by the way. Now is probably not the time for those 'any government that is established by a carve-up is bound to fail just like Italy' arguments. But that time will come soonish.

Chris' 'top blogging' links (his own regular guide to the best of the blogs - at the top of his sidebar) are always worth a look (he writes some of the best stuff around and finds the best writing from elsewhere - how does he do it?)

So, via Chris, more on worries about the contribution of bloggers, and – on the same subject, the consistently excellent Gracchi notes the absence of the conversational:
“Part of politics is self doubt- part of politics is questioning your own views as much as other people's views- is realising that changing your mind is a sign of maturity and that believing you have reached a truth that you need not doubt is a great sign of arrested intellectual development. This isn't a call against principle or against argument but it is a call for tolerance- all the phenomena I listed above seem to strike against that fundamental principle underlying all democratic discussion.”
Also, again via Chris, Dan Hardie: The BNP are a problem (discounting misanthropic arguments to the contrary).

Mick Hartley: Auntie. Wife. Slave.

That's all. Come back when you've read those and there'll probably be more here by then.

*Sadly, I can't get this to work now. Perhaps Dizzy has been doing more clever code crunching?


dizzy said...

a clever little fix? There are lots of stupidly easy way to get around it you know. And besides, it's a test of brain power to figure what the username and password is. It's all there for you.

Paulie said...

Didn't your mamma ever tell you that sarcasm is the second lowest form of wit Dizzy?

Dan Hardie said...

Thanks for the link, Paulie.

Those who enjoy seeing Daniel Davies being mocked for the weakness of his arguments- a group which may just include one or two people here- may wish to check out this this Crooked Timber thread ...

dizzy said...

Paulie, my mother did tell me that, my response was to point out that whilst sarcasm was the lowest form of with it was also the highest form of intelligence.

Paulie said...

I've seen your blog Dizzy.

The fact that you believed that sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence explains rather a lot.

dizzy said...

Indeed, it explains that you don't know how to just fucking google it.

Paulie said...

Oh. Collapse of stout party. Match point to you I think?

(Clever reply, huh?)