Thursday, May 03, 2007

Libertarianism (3) - freedom without lavatory doors

Last post on this for now - I promise. More a bit of mood music than a point.

I met Colin Ward (mentioned in the previous post on this subject) a few times, and he once told me that there are three places where you can’t have a shit in peace. The first two were prisons and public schools. Their overwhelming authoritarian ethos ensured that toilet doors were removed in the interests of minimal man-on-man jiggery-pokery.

The third place was the anarchist household. There, the lav-door symbolised the kind of hang-ups that no truly free society could allow to go unchallenged.

In the comments the other day here, Tim Worstall cleared up my half-remembered understanding of his position. Now, I don't know much about Switzerland as an 'actually existing' model, but the one thing I do remember about it is that - when I hitchhiked through it some years ago - I was stopped and searched by the cops twice in one day, and the customs officers on the way in spent an hour pretending to fit me up for possession of weed. It's what passes for a practical joke on lonely Franco-Swiss border posts in the middle of the night.

I don't like Switzerland.

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Will said...

Never been to Swizzland but if Timmy the Feudalist likes it then I'm against (one should, however, always set oneself against the hypostatizing of a nation state).