Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gratuitious Forest

No good deed goes unpunished*.

Isn't YouTube a lovely thing? It allows us to thank Shilts with all of our hearts, nearly thirty years later.

Today, it has this adoration, largely of Peter, but also to those others who served:


About one minute ten seconds in is the save against Ian Wallace in the final title-winning game (away at Coventry). Shilton always said it was his finest hour. But wait until the end. Winning 4-0 at Old Trafford with a master class in the Clough method: How To Score Goals on the Break. The next time you hear anyone listing a 'ten greatest players' without including Archie Gemmill, give them a slap and show them this clip, for the reason that this wasn't a spectacular example of his playing, but a representative one.

That's all.

(thanks for the tip, Simon).

(*Insert John Lennon Airport "imagine no possessions" joke in here).

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