Friday, May 11, 2007

Five reasons

I bin tagged. A while ago as it happens, but I’ve not been looking at my inbound links as closely as I could. And fom a new blog as well. (New to me anyway. Have a look, whydontcha? Beware, though. There's a level of reverence towards Van Halen that should carry a custodial sentance in my view).

The question: Five reasons why I blog.

The first one is the old standby:
  1. I don’t know what I think until I read what I’ve written. I think it was E.M Forster said that first, but I like it. Writing here (where someone may read it) stops me from being too self indulgent, and the ‘publish’ nature of it means that I make more effort to make sense..
  2. By responding to posts on other weblogs here, I think that I help to encourage a better quality of writing. I’m inclined to think that the excessive or exclusive use of comments boxes is for trolls (unless you have a good excuse for not having your own blog)
  3. I want to learn about how to interact and argue with people in a constructive way – without completely avoiding profanity. That would be denial of my own nature.
  4. I have a particular perspective that – as far as I can see – no-one else shares very closely. If I keep expounding it here, one day, someone will pop up and say that they agree with everything that I say. I doubt it though.
  5. You meet some good people if you persevere.
I’m not going to pass this one on – I think it’s probably done the rounds by now. If you’ve seen in here and want to do it yourself, please do – and put a link in the comments here.

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