Friday, May 18, 2007

Constipator of the Year: New nomination

Remember this blog’s regular beef about our permanent masters and their obsession with stifling all valuable political discussion? The constipators?

Last night, Derek Wyatt MP (speaking at a New Statesman New Media Awards event, doubtless shortly to be blogged here) reported that the Sergeant at Arms had written to MPs telling them that the £10k they have to spend on web-communication can’t go an websites that have any political content.

So the Sergeant at Arms – another nomination for ‘Constipator of the Year

In the meantime, my limited grasp of the legal issues behind this leaves me convinced that it would be open to challenge. I've not seen anything convincing that wouldn't be beaten by a reasonable defence that claimed that there is no marginal cost to adding political content to an existing website that is paid for out of taxation on the condition that it is non-political.

And I've not heard anyone argue - convincingly - that allowing politicians the ability to communicate directely with the public is the same as giving them an advantage. In many cases, the very idea scares the shit out of them. Thus 'constipators'.

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davidwilcox said...

As usual I think we should get together and work something out
Best if NS pays for the drinks again