Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sonny Rollins may read this blog at some point

One of the nicest things that's happened to me as a consequence of blogging is that I got a friendly nod from a band that I reviewed here a while back.

In a much less direct way (but I think that you'll agree that the performer concerned is in another stratosphere), it may have put me in contact with the musical gods.

Sam has just left a comment the previous post here,"Serendipity and pedantry":
I'm a producer for Radio Open Source, a nationally syndicated public radio program based in Boston.I read and enjoyed your story about tracking down Mack the Knife by Sonny Rollins.

We're having him on our show tonight (Sonny, not Mack), and we like to get ideas for questions from interesting bloggers. Do you have any burning questions that you've always wanted to ask Mr. Rollins?

If you do, please contribute to our comment thread here

(, and we'll scoop up your ideas and hopefully use them on the show. Just drop me an email (sam radioopensource org) if you have any questions or problems registering on the site.


Tragically, I have no burning questions for Mr Rollins (apart from 'why didn't you call Mack The Knife by it's proper name'?).

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