Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Politics at it’s pettiest

Anyone who is looking forward to the imminent demise of democracy, collapsing into a fetid pond of negativism, solipsism and technocracy, will be pleased to hear that - following Rubbishgate - we now have another example of the sheer arrogance of politicians: It appears that they now have the audacity to attempt to show a film during an election!

Like you, I'm disgusted by this. Thankfully, their swagger has been cut short by the Lib-Dems of my very own native Broxtowe.

Thankfully, not only is it is now legally problematic to express a political opinion once you’ve been elected, it is also legally difficult to initiate a debate or make a political point during an election. The law is a fine thing.

The irony of this, of course, is that the public have a fairly low tolerance level for politicians anyway. Political outspokenness is a risk that these petty prohibitionists are removing from their opponents. It should be one of our inalienable rights: The right to hear the people we have elected talking a load of bollocks, (or doing so in order to get elected in the first place). Thus the advised use of the word ‘constipators’ here for those who stop them.

Perhaps it’s worth running a competition: ‘Constiptator of the year’ ?

Nominations (mostly from this blog’s archives)

1. The aforementioned Dartford Labour group
2. Whoever told David Milliband that he couldn’t use his blog for political purposes
3. Pretty well anyone who stops Councillors from expressing an opinion on a Council website (and many councils have some of these – they’re called things like ‘monitoring officers’ or some other Orwellian job-title with the word ‘compliance’ in it somewhere).
4. The aforementioned Broxtowe Lib-Dems
5. The obvious candidate – the odious Standards Board
6. Police authorities who want to silence copperbloggers:
7. People who organise constipator conferences
8. Mike Tuffrey - London Lib Dem constipator plus

Any more for any more?

Vote now!

(Update: There's more news from Broxtowe)

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Chris said...

A little late, and arguably too similar to an existing one, but I nominate Stuart 'Appropriate Name' Dimmock.