Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Democracy. Very important indeed.

Dave has five propositions. Numbers three and five stand out:
(3) The far left is incapable of initiating a serious political formation to the left of Labour.

(5) Never mind advancing transitional demands as a bridge between reformist consciousness and the revolutionary programme ... the development of reformist consciousness in the British working class would be a major step forward.
That anyone could seriously doubt (3) is a mystery to me. I'd go further. Any adult that currently believes otherwise really must go and get their bumps felt for them. And, were I Dave, I'd refocus (5) and replace the second 'reformist' with two words - "advanced democratic".

Any questions? Then pop over and discuss them with the ghost of Comrade Kautsky.
"Democracy is the shortest, surest and least costly road to Socialism, just as it is the best instrument for the development of the political and social prerequisites for Socialism. Democracy and Socialism are inextricably entwined."
More Kautsky here.

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