Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Catch up

Been busy over the weekend putting up shelves. I'll be busy next weekend sweeping up the pile of broken crockery when my suspicion that plaster doesn't bear weight is borne out.

Here's what I read in passing during tea breaks though.

First off, a good post by FMoaK:
"Democracy, in the sense of ownership, control and accountability, should be central to the institutions that are supposed to ensure our collective well-being and security. However, just when it is most needed it has gone missing, displaced by a creeping authoritarianism."
I'd be interested to hear his take on the causes for the collapse in that democratic accountability though.

Gene has a good post on why the media in liberal democracies are incapable of defending liberal democracy against it's rivals. Gene offers argument where I just offered a bit of spleen.

And finally, posted a few days ago, but still worth a look;

Ellee Seymour on the French elections being fought in the blogosphere.

S'all for now.

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