Thursday, March 22, 2007

You forgot, you doughnut

The good thing about working with techies, is that when a good idea is circulated, the office goes quiet for about ten minutes. Then someone shouts out...
"I've done it.

In Visual Basic."
(good idea circulated this time by Annesley).


Anonymous said...

Visual Basic?? Do people still use that [insert substitute word for extriment here]??

Can't be that good an idea if you can do it in VB.

PooterGeek said...

What the World needs is a computer virus---written in assembler of course---that pops up a window on an infected machine saying "Don't do that, you doughnut" whenever a programmer tries to start Microsoft Visual Studio.

zx80user said...


What a wimp.

Real programmers use machine code.

Anonymous said...


Neuromancer said...


THe Guy who was the teamleader in its birth has just died.